Sunday, June 19, 2016

Documentary “Sonic Magic” wins five Leos

Make documentary films. See the world. It’s been a terrific way to avoid real work, but we always knew it had to end. Terry and Bette and I thought we might slip quietly out the back door. No fuss. No big deal. Then this happened: seven Leo nominations and five wins for Sonic Magic, our final film; a very gratifying surprise ending to a long, good run.

When you work with talented teammates, great things can and do happen. My hearty thanks and congratulations to the people who made it so enjoyable to work on this documentary and to all the other creative professionals we’ve collaborated with over the past three decades.

Has it really been that long? OMG. Must be time to move on to other things. Leaving with no regrets.

Photo galleries from the 2016 Leo Awards are now online.


Leo Awards 2016

Leo Awards 2016

L-R:  Cinematographer Jeff Morales, sound recordist Jeff Henschel, writer-director Jerry Thompson, producer Bette Thompson, producer Terry McKeown, composer Daniel Seguin. Missing from this photo:  picture editor Allan Pinvidic; sound designer Ewan Deane; the CGI wizards at The Sequence Group; and the creative team at Finale Post.

Sonic Magic: The Wonder and Science of Sound (The Nature of Things – CBC TV)



Though our world is full of sound, we only notice the noise. Sound can thrill, delight, warn, and scare us. But there’s much more to the story. Sound can cure the sick and make the blind see. Yes, it really can. Oh, and change the taste of food too. Sonic Magic indeed… WWW.CBC.CA

Sonic Magic won Leo Awards for: picture editing, sound, writing, directing, and for best short documentary.


L-R:  Producer Terence McKeown of Lightship Media, producer Bette Thompson and writer-director Jerry Thompson of Raincoast Storylines. Note: our exit plan did not include going out in a flash of bright, white light.

JT without a script-4jun16

JT working without a script. Tomorrow – chapter 18 of the second novel. Who knew fiction could be this fun?


Picture editor, Allan Pinvidic of Finale Editworks.

Leo Awards 4Jun16

Documentary “Sonic Magic” wins five Leos